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I was first introduced to the gospel at the end of my junior year in High School when a friend invited me to church.  I reluctantly went, but what she didn’t know and I didn’t realize is that God had been working on my heart.  So I came to Community Baptist Church with her not knowing what to expect.  I sat in the back row and listened to the pastor talk about God.  During the invitation time the pastor asked if there was anyone in the auditorium who wasn’t sure if they died today they would go to Heaven.  God began to really deal with my heart.  Though it was very difficult I raised my hand and acknowledged that I was a sinner.  I did not go forward though.  In fact I didn’t go forward for a whole year.


In October of 1999, shortly after graduating, God really began to do a great work of conviction in my heart.  I was fully aware that if I were to die that I would go to Hell.  Knowing that, I was still not ready to commit my life to Christ.  Then on October 27th, I surrendered my life to Christ and God miraculously came into my heart and made me his dear child.  My life was completely changed.  I gave up my old lifestyle, my old friends and became very active in church.  God truly did save me!


In 2000 God began to deal with my heart about serving Him full time.  I resisted at first and thought that God was crazy if He wanted someone like me.  In August of 2001 all of it came to a head as I listened to a preacher preaching on Elijah casting his mantle upon Elisha.  I went forward during the invitation and gave my life to serve God in any way that he wanted.  Two weeks later, I was attending Atlantic Baptist Bible College in Chester, Virginia.

I attended ABBC for 3 years and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Theology.  It was also at ABBC that I met my lovely wife Erika.  From Bible College the Lord opened the door for us to go to Community Baptist Church, my home church, to work with the Youth and the Outreach.  We have been working there since 2004.

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