The burden for missions:

Around the year 2000, God began doing a work in my (Chris’s) heart regarding the work of missions. I attended a church (and still do) that has a heart that is passionate about the work of missions.  Having attended a church like this, I began to grow a love for missions and missionaries.


During our years at Atlantic the burden for missions increased.  Taking Missions classes, seeing Missions Presentations and being around missionaries flamed this burden that the Lord had put in our hearts.  While at CBC, we have been privileged to go on differnt missions trips.  These trips have been to Mexico, Honduras and Ecuador.  The Lord used these trips to burden our hearts for Latin America.


Why Uruguay:

My relationship with this country goes back to 2002 with an encounter with a missionary on deputation. I met this missionary at a DelMar BBF fellowship meeting. His name is Barry Secrest. He had such a burden on his heart for this country, and as all missionaries do, tried to convince me to go there. I pushed it off,  but this encounter never left my mind. Forwarding ahead 5 years, after going on my last missions trip to Ecuador, the desire to go to a Latin American country began to increase in my heart. I always had a heart for the Hispanic people, but it increased greatly over these misison’s trips. I came home from Ecuador and began doing research on the different Latin American countries. I was reminded of Uruguay by reading BIMI’s 100 Nations pamphlet. At the time when I read the pamphley they did not  have any missionaries in Uruguay.  After seeing the need and sensing the desire in my heart, I believed the Lord had called us to Uruguay.