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Community Baptist Church was established May 1995 in Chantilly, VA under the leadership of Dr. Mike Aylestock.

Dr. Aylestock has served over 30 years in church ministry as a church-planter, pastor and college professor.  Community Baptist Church is a missions-hearted church that supports over 40 foreign missionaries and gives over $100,000 a year to world-wide missions.


Baptist International Missions Inc. is committed to helping local churches with the logistics associated with the Great Commission. Few churches possess the personnel or capability to provide all the services and know-how needed to adequately assist a missionary who has been called to serve in a faraway place. BIMI furnishes their missionaries with a legal basis on which to operate in most countries, a liaison with potential supporting churches, an accounting of monthly support levels, information services and counsel concerning the country in which they intend to serve. BIMI's longevity and experience enable us to provide missionary candidates with many services.

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