I was saved on Daytona Beach in August of 1997. I was there with my mom, her friend and her friend’s daughter, who was my best friend at the time. Two girls from a Christian college approached us and began to share with us the gospel through John 3:16. I had just made a false profession of faith at a youth rally less than a month before, but my life had not changed much after that. However, a seed had been planted in my heart at that youth rally, and when those girls came along to water it, God blessed with the “increase” of salvation! From that moment on, I knew something was different in me, although I did not attend church right away. I was ignorant of church because I had not been raised in a Christian home. A few months later, some friends of my step-sisters invited them to church, and they invited me. I was baptized into the membership of that church (Liberty Baptist Church) in November of that year. I continued attending there through high school. I also attended the Christian school that was part of our church from 10th through my graduation.


My youth pastor introduced me to Atlantic Baptist Bible College near Richmond, Virginia. As soon as I set foot on the campus, I knew that that was where God wanted me to be. I graduated from ABBC in April of 2004 as Salutatorian with a bachelor in Christian elementary education. I also met my husband, Chris, while at college. We married in June of 2004 and moved to Northern Virginia, his hometown, where we began working at the church at which he was saved (Community Baptist Church). I worked as the church secretary for about three years.